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Mortgage Advisor
NMLS #1165901

I love to develop relationships with clients, earn their trust and help them through one of the most important events of their lives. Talk about rewarding!

In college, I studied journalism and Spanish and then worked in commercial radio sales for many years before joining the Commerce Home Mortgage team. One of the highlights of my job is that I get to help my clients save money. The specialized lending platform CHM offers allows me to help first time homeowners find the best deal on their new home loan and to help established homeowners refinance into a lower rate and thus improve their financial lives. My colleagues are experienced professionals who help ensure our clients close on time and feel completely satisfied. My intention is to build long-term relationships with my clients.

When I am not working, I spend time with my husband and two adorable, active kids. I sing in two rock cover bands too. Balancing my love for the mortgage industry with my love for my family and music keeps me busy and content.

  • Branch: Berkeley
    2001 Addison Street
    Suite 275
    Berkeley, California 94704
    Direct: 510-542-2062
    Cell: 510-332-1965
    Fax: 925-361-3095
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  • by Stephanie Walton
    January 13, 2016


    Stephanie works as a Mortgage Advisor out of our Berkeley, CA, office. A friend recommended Commerce Home Mortgage to Stephanie, and once she met us, she couldn’t resist joining the team.

    We chatted with Stephanie one afternoon between helping clients fulfill their dreams, running errands with the kids and band practice. You read that correctly – band practice.

    CHM: What’s your position at CHM?  I’m a mortgage advisor. I help people who want to become homeowners secure their loans. I also help current homeowners buy a second home or refinance their existing mortgage.

    CHM: What got you interested in the home mortgage business?  I’d worked in sales in radio and tech my whole career. I had lots of friends and family in the mortgage business. I watched them do the work and I loved the pace and how things were always changing. They were also always meeting new people and helping them through one of the most difficult transactions of their lives. I found that to be very interesting. I love meeting people.

    Each transaction is different. It’s about the furthest from a stagnant, repetitive job that you can get. I’m a mother and a wife, and working as a mortgage advisor gives me lots of flexibility. I have 2 kids. My daughter’s eleven and my son’s seven. She’s a swimmer and he’s a soccer player. I get to spend time with them and still have an exciting career.

    CHM: How did you come to work for Commerce Home Mortgage?  A friend of mine told me about Commerce. After meeting with Commerce I knew there was no other place for me. The company has a fantastic reputation and I loved the people. We all really support each other. Everyone here has helped me learn more about the business. They’re always there for me and they help me get it done. It’s such a pleasure to work in a tight real estate company. It’s like having a second family. I recently had a show, and my office mates, including my boss, his wife, and even the company president came to the show.

    CHM: What kind of show?  I sing in three different cover bands. The band they came to see is called Crisis. All of the band members met at a karaoke party. We got to talking and discovered that we all loved music. We’re all of a certain age, so do the math and you’ll understand why we picked Crisis for the name. We play everything from school fairs to corporate events. It’s a great creative outlet and helps keep me well rounded.

    I also sing in the Tightwad Hill Band. All of the members went to Cal (University of California, Berkeley). Tightwad Hill is the nickname for the hill that overlooks the California Memorial Stadium. People can sit there and watch games for free. The five awesome musicians heard me sing and asked me to join them. We play harder rock in the bar scene in the East Bay and sometimes San Francisco. Those crowds are so much fun.

    CHM: Does being a musician influence your work at Commerce?  Being in a band is about commitment. When you’re helping people get a loan, you commit to them. It’s the same being on stage. You commit to the music and engage with the crowd. It’s ultimately about the people.

    It’s also about being true to myself. I am who I am all of the time. I’m a very engaged person, That’s true when I’m with my family and it’s the same when I’m helping people secure a loan.

    CHM: We’re happy that Stephanie brought her act to Commerce Home Mortgage. We can hardly wait for the next show!

Recent Posts