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home mortgage refinancing, simplified

The Big Picture

Refinancing is a tool to help homeowners maximize the financial effectiveness of the equity in their home. Rates remain at near historic lows. So it’s a great time to act.

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There are great reasons to refinance your mortgage loan. They include:

  1. Lowering Your Current Mortgage Payment
  2. (Consumer's total finance charges may be higher over the life of the loan)

  3. Consolidating Debt
  4. Paying Off Your Mortgage Faster
  5. Converting to a Fixed-Rate Mortgage
  6. Get Cash Out of Your Investment

The Costs of Refinancing

There are costs involved in refinancing. However, these costs are directly related to the interest rate. There are zero cost options and also options with lower rates and higher expenses. Sometimes the fees can be rolled into the new loan to avoid out-of-pocket expenses.

There's a lot to know. Get in touch with a mortgage advisor to learn how we can help you secure a refinance loan that meets your needs.

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